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Our nanoemulsion-based Kratom Citrus Shot with 100 mg mitraginine is a groundbreaking product for anyone who wants to experience the diverse benefits of kratom at the highest quality. In every 15ml bottle of this special blend we offer you amazing bioavailability.

Our nanoemulsion technology ensures that the mitraginine in this shot is absorbed efficiently and quickly into your body. This allows you to achieve a noticeable effect in the shortest possible time. The refreshing citrus note gives this shot a pleasant taste that makes the experience even more enjoyable.

With 100 mg of mitraginine per 15 ml serving you can achieve the desired effect, be it for relaxation, increasing energy or pain relief. This product has been carefully crafted to meet the highest quality standards, so you can be sure you have a reliable and effective kratom product in your hands.

Rediscover the world of kratom with our nanoemulsion-based kratom citrus shot. Experience the highest bioavailability and powerful benefits of this natural product at its best.

Kratom Shot 100Mg Citrus

VAT Included